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Join us for our First LIVE event in 2021 - Free and Fulfilled

We are so excited to invite you to join us August 22nd, 2021 for an incredible concert in the park with Special Guest Speaker and Musician Melanie Waldman! Melanie’s heart is for others to experience the Freedom and Fullness intended for them to enjoy. This will be an unforgettable evening you won’t want to miss!

This unique event will also serve to support an organization near and dear to our hearts – Out of the Dark. Out of the Dark is an organization passionate in aiding women who are Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Are You Ready for Redemption & Restoration in Your Life & Your Story?

Join us this Spring for our From Pain to Promise course. Connect with women who have overcome to be encouraged and equipped to break through the darkness in your life and in your story. Learn valuable strategies to stand upon Truth, fight the lies in your head & reclaim your true identity. 

Do you believe you have a story to tell? Have you felt the call to use your story to reveal hope to a hurting world?

Join us for our Progress to Proclimation Workshop. We’ll guide you through discovering, processing through, and developing your unique story. You’ll learn how to draw out the fruit-bearing truths of God’s goodness in different seasons of your life.

**No writing experience needed! Just the willingness to lean into the Lord as He illuminates Your Journey!

Our life stories are currently being written, chapter by chapter.
For many of us, there have been times when we wish we could just read the last chapter or at least a few chapters ahead… just for confirmation that “yes, I will get through this.”
I have been blessed with others in my life that have come beside me, sat across from me, and have said,
“I know what your going through.
I’ve been there.
It sucks.
You will most definitely get through this
and come out stronger on the other side of it.”
For these individuals, I am forever grateful and I desire to pay it forward.
The Baton Pass tells overcomers that their voice matters, connects individuals, and empowers women find God in their stories.
In doing so we believe, the Lord will bring a radical restoration of hope to the struggling, broken-hearted and discouraged.
Join Us!
Kelly O.

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