Pain to Promise Series

Welcome. We applaud your courage to show up! 

An amazing life is waiting for you, one of peace and joy, filled with hope and enthusiasm. Getting to this place will require that you make a decision to start or continue your journey to redemption and restoration.  

If you are someone living with wounds and bruises in your soul from past or current situations that need to be healed, you will be blessed by this 5-week series. 

If you are someone who is feeling discouraged and not sure if you can go on another day, you will be strengthened & empowered by this 5-week series.

If you are someone who loves to support others yet you wish that you knew how to better support friends who are struggling, you will gain understanding & grow in empathy through this 5-week series.


Join Us For This Unique Series 

When: Thursday Nights, 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm CST,  beginning March 18th & wrapping up April 15th

Where: Virtual Event

What: The first 4 weeks will be packed with brave testimonies & powerful tools/practices for healing & redemption. Week 5 will be an opportunity to connect deeper with the women you resonated with the most throughout the series. 

How: Registration form below. The registration cost will be $50 for the 5 weeks, but for this first series, it’s only $25. 

Meet Your Pain To Promise Series Hosts

The Baton Pass is honored to have such brave and beautiful women sharing their stories of overcoming extremely painful and difficult seasons.

You will leave each week with tools and strategies to press on & continue towards restoration even in the most challenging times. 

Workshop Questions? Feel free to email us at
We will get back to you ASAP!

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